Our mission is to construct and institute a progressive state anchored on social democracy, where the welfare and security of the citizenry is paramount.

As progressives, we believe that Nigeria is greater than any individual or the sum of her Federating Units, therefore the country can only succeed when all of us have equal rights, where no one is above the law, where the culture of impunity is abolished and where there is level playing field.

Those compatriots who have lost faith in our dear country because of insufficient and corrupt leadership; count on us for we represent an Agent of change for committed, transparent and focused leadership.

As a change Agent, APC intend to cleanse our closet to halt the dangerous drift of Nigeria to a failed state; with a conscious plan for post-oil-economy in Nigeria.

To achieve this laudable programme APC government shall restructure the country, devolve power to the units, with the best practices of federalism and eliminate unintended paralysis of the center.

In sum, we subscribe to and shall preserve the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy as enshrined in chapter two of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended.

And without any intention to abandon any ideal which will guarantee the corporate welfare and security of our people. We specifically offer these 7 (seven) cardinal programmes:- (WBA-IFD) to the Nigeria populace.

  • War Against Corruption
  • Food Security
  • Accelerated Power Supply
  • Integrated Transport Network
  • Free Education
  • Devolution of Power
  • Accelerated Economic Growth
  • Affordable Health Care